Benefits for Agents and Sellers

Why Home Staging Actually Makes a Difference!

Sell Your Home Faster

Staging by a Certified Home Stager can make the difference between your properties becoming ‘old’ or ‘sold’ in the market! Staging is a critical marketing differentiator and property positioning tool to attract potential buyers in a competitive marketplace.

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Staging dramatically improves property photos – the #1 asset to attracting potential buyers. According to 96% buyers start their home search on the Internet and decide to see the properties based on the photos. And it should be a no brainer that Professionally staged properties garner way more interest than the unstaged ones. Staged properties also sell much faster and for top $$$ making instant emotional connections with the buyers and effectively giving your client that competitive edge.

Stand Out

A well staged property stands out from other properties and gives you a competetive edge. Unfortunately many Real Estate agents haven't yet maximized the potential of their business or maximized their clients' Equity by using Staging effectively (or at all!). Get ahead of the game by getting your home staged.

Still Not Convinced? Here are 4 more Facts

  1. You Will Make More Money: A survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. discovered that staged homes are usually sold 6% above the asking price and spent less time in the market when compared to unstaged homes.

  2. Your House Will Sell Faster: According to a survey conducted by the National Association Realtors (NAR), the longer a property stays in the market, the lower the price it will attract.

  3. Investing in staging ALWAYS costs less than the first reduction.

  4. You Will Get a Good Return on Your Investment: Another NAR survey reveals that a 1 – 3% investment on home staging yields 8 – 10% return, which is a good deal.